What makes Jaymor's 191s so cool, anyway?

Try the rest, and then use the best. Jaymor's 191s lubricant beats the competition in key ways, such as having no contaminants whatsoever, has a flash touchpoint of 380 degrees Fahrenheit (more than double of certain competitors), and no hazardous ingredients. It's so good, you'll want to use it until the last drop.

We offer our Earth-friendly product by the 12-ounce can, but we've got you covered no matter what quantity you're looking to buy. From refillable oil pens to large drums, Jaymor's is ready to ship to your factory, airport, office, or home. Additionally our product contains no volatile organic compounds. None. It's the best product—just hear it from one of our many satisfied clients.

When you need a fast-acting lubricant, you want to reach for the can that has safe ingredients and works better than the rest. You want Jaymor's 191s.