Jaymor's 191s is useful for so many things. It's hard to list them all on a single page, but we've compiled just a sampling of the thousands of things that our product helps you with in your daily life, whether it be at work, in the home, in the garage, or on the farm. Our product is environmentally friendly and contains no VOCs, so that's why it's chosen by individuals and industrial agencies alike. Read below to get some ideas about how Jaymor's 191s can help YOU today.

Some uses for our product that you might not have realized...

  • Garage Door Lubricants
  • Paper Shredder Oil
  • Household Lubricants
  • All Purpose Lubricants
  • Trackswitch Lubricants
  • Chain Lubricants
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Air Tool Lubricants
  • Lithium Lubricants
  • Appliance Lubricants
  • Cable Lubricant
  • Cutting Oil
  • Anti-Corrosives
  • Sewing Machine Oil
  • Battery Posts
  • Gun Lubricants
  • Graphites
  • Rubber Lube

There are thousands more uses for our product: Click below to view some of our top suggestions.

On the Farm

Marine Environments

In the Garage

Inside the Home

Why choose Jaymor's 191s over any other product?

As you can see, whether it's for CNC Machines, Lathes, or Grinders in the garage, or used on sticky doors, drawers and sliders, Jaymor's eco-friendly wonders work for just about any project you can imagine. We are proud to offer our products at a reasonable price so that the entire world can learn about its amazing properties. This product is safe to use on all metals, rubber, vinyl and plastics, so you don't need to worry if you are having problems with your tools or office equipment. Electricians, rail operators, plumbers, and handymen all over the world are starting to learn just how important this biodegradable, non-toxic substance really is—much safer than the competition!

Use Jaymor’s 191S on ALL Metals, Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastics!

  • Air Tool – Hand Tools
  • Bicycles
  • ATVs
  • Garage Door
  • Paper Shredder Blades
  • Skate Boards
  • Fire Arms
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Railroad Switch Plates
  • Locks
  • Fishing Reels
  • Hinges & Sliders
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Rollers & Bearings
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Wire Rope
  • Rolling Gates
  • Rusty Parts