Solvent-based versus hydrocarbon oil lubricants

Unlike the majority of solvent-based lubricants on the market today, the Jaymor191S is not a solvent but a hydrocarbon oil that does not evaporate and has a very long application life. Our product will reduce surface tension and permit rapid penetration of corroded parts. It also has an extremely high lubricity level, which allows moving parts to move quickly and freely. There's no question—Jaymor191s is an excellent lubricant.  

Our Story

Jaymor Enterprises, Inc., parent company of Manufacturer's Warehouse in Fresno, Calif., was founded by CEO Gerald Moreno in 1993 and is a manufacturer and distributor of the premium synthetic oil industrial lubricant called Jaymor's 191S. It's sold throughout the United States and Canada as an aerosol, as well as in 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon containers.

Manufacturer's Warehouse, A Jaymor Enterprises, Inc. division, developed the marketing for Jaymors 191S, a synthetic "green" all-purpose lubricant with no petroleum, solvents, VOCs or flammable. Jaymor's introduced 191S to the railroad industry in 1999. Truly a remarkable lubricant, 191S is used by commuter rail services throughout the United States including the world famous San Francisco Cable Cars and also used by heavy railroads like Union Pacific Railroad, Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National Railway.







Our products outperform almost any well-known lubricant on the market today

Known for its highly effective lubricating properties, ease of use, being remarkably clean, and environmental friendly, Jaymors 191S has outstanding longevity and outperforms almost any well-known lubricant on the market today per laboratory testing results. Learn about what makes Jaymor's unique.
Available Across the United States

Jaymor’s synthetic lubricant 191s is stocked by Amazon and is stocked by Ace Hardware corporation, meaning you can purchase a can of lubricant by visiting a store near you.


Used Far and Wide

Since 1993, our product has been used by customers from all over the globe. Jaymor's has sold to Fortune 500 companies.

A Major Supplier to Many

Jaymor Enterprises is a major supplier to hundreds of recognizable agencies and corporations, who depend on our high quality lubricant to meet industry standards—and we exceed them, every time.