Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (12-Pack) Product ImageJaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (12-Pack) Product Image
GSA#: 30151504158

Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (12-Pack)

The same powerful product — now available as a 12-pack!

Get a great deal on this bundle offer: 12 cans of our original Jaymor's 191S Aerosol can. This trusted product is environmentally friendly and contains no VOCs, making it safe around the house.

Do you need to fix rusty and squeaky locks and hinges? Use a spray of this can to make it silent again. You can use this on sticky doors, drawers and sliders; it cleans and protects faucets and shower heads; it will get your snagged zippers unstuck so you can finally close your favorite sleeping bag and take it with you on your next camping trip. 

Jaymor's is more than just a great corrosion inhibitor. You can clean tools and equipment, firearms, and home appliances with it. It rejuvenates rubber and leather items, and adds a fresh shine to plastic as well. It can be used as an all-purpose lubricant for any chains, gears, or sprockets you have.

The 12-pack is long-lasting, but once you discover it's many uses, you may just find yourself ordering another 12-pack sooner than you thought. Out in the garage, you can use this product to bring your vintage pinball machine back to life, or remove the rust from your valuable collectibles and antiques. 

Protect that muscle car’s dashboard, door seals and moving parts. Get the snow machine clean, fast and reliable. Protect and oil your dune buggy, sand rail, and other off-road gear. Look back on the pack after giving your mountain bike the tune-up of a lifetime. Bring luster and life to your gun collection and clean off that powder residue while you are at it!

Jaymor's 191S Aerosol Can is now available in a pack of 12 so that you can save some money and get a great product all at once. It's even good for recreational events and hobbies: Give those remote controlled (RC R/C) cars, planes and boats the attention they deserve; your model railroad will love you if you buy it a can of Jaymor's for Christmas. How fast can you make a go-cart go? How about soapbox Derby? Lawnmower racing? Paintball Guns need love too.

Jaymor's is not only ready for space, it can also make your telescope track more accurately.

This 12-pack is sold with GSA numbers 1504158 and 30151504158. 

Product Length: 11.0000 in
Product Width: 19.0000 in
Product Height: 11.0000 in
Product Weight: 10.0000 lb
Units in box: 1