At Jaymor's it is our mission is to provide the highest quality environmentally safe, non-flammable green all-purpose lubricant.

View the full Jaymor's product catalog and discover the best way to own the best lubricant on the planet. Our current selection includes the standard aerosol cans, which can be purchased individually or by the 12-pack. We also sell refillable oil pens which lets you use the product on your small-scale projects, such as restorations. 

Larger organizations and agencies can find that we also sell the product in bulk, including in a large drum. Simply choose the product size that you want below, select a quantity, and you will be directed to a checkout process where we are able to accept all major credit cards. For very large orders, please contact us directly to arrange for freight. We are partnering with UPS to provide shipping rates directly in the checkout process, which makes the process of obtaining our product very simple.

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Jaymor’s 191S Refillable Pen Oiler

Use Jaymor's 191S Refillable Pen Oiler when working with tiny, intricate, hard-to-reach...

Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (Single Can)

The original product! Our 12-Ounce Aerosol can is the perfect size for a wide range of...

Jaymor’s 1 Gallon Container

All Purpose Synthetic Lubricant Corrosive Inhibitor Stops rust, non-conductive,...

Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (12-Pack)

The same powerful product — now available as a 12-pack! Get a great deal on this bundle...

Jaymor’s 5 Gallon Pail

Jaymor's 5-Gallon Pail Synthetic Lubricant is perfect for those who have a need for...

Jaymor's 191S Drum

Stops rust, non-conductive, repels dust, non-water soluble, revitalizes rubber, vinyl and...