A letter from the President and CEO

My name is Gerald Moreno, President and CEO of Jaymor Enterprises, Inc.

Since founding the business in 1994, we have manufactured and sold a synthetic all-purpose lubricant called Jaymor’s191s. It is a penetrating fluid, corrosion inhibitor, possesses an extreme temperature range of -110 to 380F, while being a "Green" product.

On the environmental side, this lubricant contains no solvents or petroleum, is nonflammable, with no VOC's as evaluated by the California Air Resources Board.  Being a synthetic, this eliminates the disposal of hazardous waste, and our 9.5 oz. spray cans are 100% recyclable.  Jaymor’s191s lubricant is the environmental replacement for WD40.  Unlike most solvent/petroleum lubricants on the market today, Jaymor’s191s does not evaporate and will continue to perform for a much longer period of time.

Our lubricant has been tested in various corrosive environments, salt water, chlorine, sulfuric acid, and hydrogen sulfide, with excellent results. We were also tested by the Kennedy Space Center Corrosion Control & Material Testing Center in Florida and received a White Paper from The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

Jaymor’s191s has been lab evaluated by Amtrak Engineer, Paul Lockard, determining that the formulation, due to its high lubricity, reduced by 50%, the amount of voltage required to operate their track switches.

Union Pacific Railroad Maintenance of Way Director, Dave Black, also conducted field testing and came to the same conclusion. 

Alstom, a global leader in transportation technology, who's product portfolio ranges from high-speed rail trains, metros, and monorails, to integrated systems and signaling solutions, evaluated our product for over a year before approving it to be used in their GM4000A Switch Machine.

For many years and continuing today, we supply Bombardier Trains, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Amtrak, San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency - including the world famous Cable Cars, Transit America - the California coastal commuter rail system, and the Keolis Commuter Service on the East Coast.

Jaymor’s191s lubricant is currently used in multiple bus repair departments, fire departments for hydrants and equipment, and body shops, where the contamination of "fisheye" is a major problem when using petroleum lubricants. Jaymor’s191s replaces petroleum based pneumatic tool lubricants, rubber lubricants, competitive penetrating oils and is excellent for use on wire pulling, and paper shredders.

At Jaymor’s it is our mission to provide the highest quality, environmentally safe, non-flammable, green, all-purpose lubricant. We strive to ensure exceptional customer service with a unique product that can is used to solve a wide range of problems in industrial maintenance.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide samples, and to discuss the many uses and benefits of our product.


Used in diverse industrial applications for decades, Jaymor’s191s is a versatile synthetic hydrocarbon. It is a highly efficient lubricant that contains the industry’s foremost lubricating properties in a non-solvent/non-petroleum formulation. Jaymor’s191s’ high lubricity reduces surface tension, allows components to move more freely, and permits rapid penetration of any corroded surfaces. The product performs across an extreme temperature range of -110F - +380F.

  • Biodegradable

  • Contains no carcinogens

  • No VOC’s

  • Complies to California Prop 65 regulations – will not contaminate water

  • Does not harm marine life or ecosystems

  • Corrosion Inhibitor


Union Pacific Railroad

Pacific Gas & Electric

Norfolk Southern Railroad

Canadian National Railway

Copper Mines

United Parcel Service

US Army Corps of Engineers

Yosemite National Park


San Francisco Cable Car System


Keolis Commuter Service

Los Angeles Metro




Track switch lubricant


Electrical contacts

Revitalization of rubber

Chain lubricant

Crane cable lubricant

Battery post anti-corrosive

Drill press lubricant

Wire rope

Cable pulling lubricant

Roll up doors

Lock lubricant

Pneumatic tool lubricant

Penetrating oil replacement

Cutting oil replacement

Fire truck equipment

Paper shredder lubricant