Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (Single Can) Product ImageJaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (Single Can) Product Image
GSA#: 30151504158

Jaymor’s 191S Aerosol Cans (Single Can)

The original product! Our 12-Ounce Aerosol can is the perfect size for a wide range of uses: around the home, in the garage, and at the workplace. The Jaymor's 191S stops rust and revitalizes rubber, so it is something you'll want as a homeowner or business owner. Because it is also completely non-conductive and is non-water soluble, Jaymor's is also a safe, clean odorless anti-stain formula.

We have the products sold under the GSA numbers 1504158 and 30151504158. 

How to Buy Jaymor's at Ace Hardware

Did you know that you can walk into any Ace Hardware and ask for Jaymor's? To buy a can, visit National Hardware Supply. You can also walk into any Ace Hardware in the United States and ask them to order Item #1504158. They can have the product shipped to your store and waiting for you.


Product Length: 3.0000 in
Product Width: 3.0000 in
Product Height: 8.0000 in
Product Weight: 1.0000 lb
Units in box: 1