A single drop of Jaymor's loosens new customer's bike seat post

Posted by Jerry Moreno
The bike seat post that wouldn't budge without a drop of Jaymor's 191s lubricant.

I had never heard of the product before, but right away I was interested. If Scott had something that could still work, even with only a drop left in the can, then I knew he would be onto something.

But it would have to work on the main problem I was having that day: The bike seat post had been beat down into the frame and no matter how much I heated it and pulled on the seat post—even twisted it a few times—it would not budge.

We used what was left of the Jaymor's 191S lubricant, and with just one drop of from the can, I was able to turn it and I kept turning it until it was free; I have been sold ever since.

I work driving heavy equipment and have told several of the people I work with about the Jaymor's 191S lubricant.

I’m going to prove that the Jaymor's 191S is the best.

Thank you, Deanna