Compare Jaymor’s with other products such as WD-40.  Most of the companies within this product sector compete on thes ame factors: product price and product functionality also referred to as utility.

When one competitor wants to increase market share they alter one of these two criteria, either price, or utility. Naturally, lagging competitors try to match their move when they begin to lose market share.

WD-40 has dominated this sector for over 50 years, they are the market leader of this industry sector and claim to have product brand recognition of 95% and an 83% market share. Consequently, most competitors play “follow the leader” and price based on WD-40’s pricing activities and match the functionality and formulation of WD-40. Additionally, they all differentiate in the same way based on industry best practices when building or changing their competitive strategies. It is like marching in lockstep, just at different altitudes.

Note: Competitors in this industry formulate their lubricant products using inexpensive Stoddard Solvents, a kerosene type petroleum distillate that offers evaporative benefits for water displacement and offers a considerably lower manufacturing costs.

These products have a high VOC content, Jaymor’s 191S has zero VOCs.