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Our Mission

At Jaymor’s it is our mission is to provide the highest quality Environmentally safe non-flammable “green” all purpose lubricant. We strive to ensure exceptional customer service, with one product that can be used in solving a wide range of problems both in industrial maintenance as well as the home.

Our Product

Known for its highly effective lubricating properties, ease of use, being remarkably clean and environmental friendly, Jaymors 191S has outstanding longevity and out performs almost any well known lubricant on the market today per laboratory testing results.
Jaymor Enterprises is a major supplier to:

  • Norfolk Southern Railway
  • Amtrak
  • BNSF
  • Ace Hardware
  • Halliburton
  • Siemens
  • Amazon
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Canadian National Railways
  • Yosemite National Park
  • United States Postal Service
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • Ferno-Washington Inc., The largest International manufacturer/supplier of medical equipment
  • Freeport-McMoran Inc., one of the largest copper mines in the world
  • United Parcel Services, as well as several major utility companies, state and logistic agencies throughout the United States.

Jaymor’s synthetic lubricant 191s has now been approved by Amazon and has also been approved by Ace Hardware corporation and will soon be addressing many more of the big box stores. In March 2013 The Kennedy Space Center will conclude their testing on the 191s, which has already passed two out of their three tests.
Jaymor’s has sold to Fortune 500 companies since 1993 and continues to do so today.

Owner of Jaymor's, Jerry Moreno

Our Story

Jaymor Enterprises, Inc., parent company of Manufacturer’s Warehouse in Fresno California was founded by Gerald Moreno, CEO, in 1993, and is a manufacturer and distributor of the premium synthetic oil industrial lubricant called Jaymor’s 191S throughout the United States and Canada. Jaymor’s 191S is sold by Aerosol, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon containers.
Manufacturer’s Warehouse, A Jaymor Enterprises, Inc. Division, developed the marketing for Jaymors 191S, a synthetic “green” all purpose lubricant with no petroleum,solvents, VOC’s or flamability. Jaymor introduced 191S to the railroad industry in 1999. Truly a remarkable lubricant, 191S is used by commuter rail services in California (including the world famous San Francisco cable cars), Atlanta, GA and Keolis Commuter Services, Heavy Railroad Union Pacific, BNSF, Norfour.

See the Difference

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  1. Could I meet with you and get the test results of 2013 Kennedy Space Center Trials.
    We are civilians working with the U.S. military as a sub-contractor and want to see if we can get this mil spec’d, for various things.
    David Wells, C.S.O.
    EVA-knows Company, LLP
    P. O. Box 1733
    Fresno, Calif. 93717
    ** Ph. (559) 433- six five 47 – Home/Office/voice mail – call on my cell number because this number is just for 8 rings then tape recorder so as to screen robotic calls.
    ** Ph. (559) 356- four four 66 – Cell Phone
    Ph. (559) 279-0462 – pgr./voice mail

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